About Me - Andrew Thompson - Runner of the Hills

Hey, you made it this far - to my bio - well done.

Hopefully you're not a bot, harvesting this data for some machine learning algorithm - I know how you sneaky bots love to do that.

Anyway - about me....

I am a bit of a running obsessive.

While this blog started when my heart was squarely in the trails, I have since transformed into the notion that ALL things running are worthwhile investigating, trying, practicing, and enjoying.

Roads, Track, Cross Country, the Mile, Parkrun, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathons, Trails, Ultras, FKT's, Mountain Missions, with friends, with family, with a club, on your own. All of it.

If it's your own two feet propelling you forward, it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

But...my heart is in the trails.

Currently I'm doing all I can to be the best trail runner I can be. I've accomplished a lot so far, but I know that my journey isn't anywhere near complete, and I'll keep striving to wring the best out of this body as long as I have it available to me.

Approximately six years ago, I decided to get back into running after an over 10 year hiatus from Orienteering and Mountain Running as a teenager. I had no idea how difficult the transition back to that level of fitness would be, but I toughed out a few injuries, learnt to be patient, got a coach, and set myself some rather hefty goals.

I've only met one of those goals so far, but along the way I've hit heights I couldn't even consider those six years ago.

The fact that I can say I am the current New Zealand and Oceania Trail Running Champion is still something I have to pinch myself each day. But I also know that I put in a huge amount of hard work to earn both of those titles.

That result has lead to a dream come true, the chance to represent New Zealand in the Trail Running World Champs in Portugal - June 2019. I'm in the process right now of getting stronger, fitter and more competent a runner than I have ever been in my life, and the hope is, that's enough to do well on the world stage against a multitude of professionals and elite runners.

Since actually becoming a decent runner, notable results I've had are:

2016 Aorangi Undulator 33km - 3rd
2016 Kaweka Traverse Fastest Known Time
2017 Tararua Mountain Race 33km - 3rd
2017 Xterra Orongorongo - 2nd
2017 WUU2K Marathon 43km - 1st
2017 A100 3 Day Stage Race (50km, 33km, 25km) - 1st Equal
2018 Tararua Mountain Race - 2nd
2018 Ring of Fire 72km - 6th
2018 WUU2K Marathon 43km - 2nd
2018 Crater Rim Ultra/NZ Champs/Oceania Champs 52km - 1st
2018 A100 3 Day Stage Race (50km, 33km, 25km) - 1st
2019 MCL Triple Peaks 55km - 3rd
2019 NZ Mountain Running Champs - 3rd Masters
2019 Aorangi Undulator 33km - 1st

Currently proud to call these people my sponsors!

Run Wellington/James Kuegler Coaching - No nonsense coaching providing me with the tools to get to the best of my ability.
Origin Manual Therapy - The best massage therapists in Wellington, hands down!
Kiwi Nutrition - Fantastic tasting protein powder to help me train and recover successfully.